About Amber: I am a Graphic Designer living in wonderful Calgary, Alberta. Pretty much all my time when I am not in the office, is spent capturing my experiences in the great outdoors. I have an unhealthy obsession with fly fishing that stems from my days as a little girl spent on the Sheep River with my father. My other half also shares that same obsession, thankfully.

A few other things I love aside from Photography and Fishing? Brendan, My cats, Familia & Friends,  Traveling, Dry Flies, Camping, Painting, Coffee, Sea Creatures, Popcorn, Sushi, Nikon, Music (hence the Polar Bear Club name) and anything else that keeps a smile on my face.


Brendan & Matteo

About Brendan: I have lived in Calgary majority of my life and first started fly fishing when I was a kid with my oldest brother. He taught me all I know now and sparked my love for the outdoors. When I am not on the river I am usually at home tying flies – I fill our fly boxes up for each season/trip and for the past 5 year have become a big fan of airbrushing poppers.

A few other things I love aside from Fly Tying/Airbrushing and Fishing? Amber & Matteo, Family & Friends, Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Good Beer, Top Water Action, Florida, Music, Hockey, and Traveling.